Website launch!

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Website launch!

Hello and welcome to our brand new retail website!

This website has been opened by request from our friends and regular visitors to our professional displays and events, Firework Champions. 

After many trips to China testing and designing new fireworks for our consumer range of fireworks. We are finally in a position to bring a host of professional grade firework effects to your back garden parties! 

Our retail brand, Viper Fireworks, was formed because of a gap in the market for high quality fireworks suitable to be used by the consumer and professionals alike. Many of the effects that you will see from Viper Fireworks, are used in our professional wedding displays, competitions and fireworks events all around the world under our display company, MLE Pyrotechnics. 

From Rockets to cakes, multishot barrages to fountains and selection boxes to sparklers. We have something for everybody.

We are very excited by the launch of this website and we are sure that our range of fireworks will bring happiness and joy to those who use them.

For a limited time only, we are offering our customers 15% off all orders over £150! So if you are looking for an excuse to have a celebration within your household, or put on the entertainment for your street visible from the comfort of their own homes. Now is a fantastic to to place your firework orders and take advantage of this offer.